Carol Irving

University engagement with the Global South is long-standing. At many Canadian universities, international linkages began with development projects in the South. Today, with the internationalization of higher education, this engagement has extended beyond development cooperation and the enrolment of international students to a much wider range of activities. These include research collaboration, student mobility, and the integration of international and intercultural perspectives into the teaching, learning and service functions of the university.

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Development research, influence and governance
Maureen O’Neil

For almost 40 years now, my own organization, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), has been supporting development research in developing countries. So you are addressing, in your own discussions, questions that go to the core of IDRC’s founding purpose and parliamentary mandate.

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Stacey Tsourounis

I spent the summer of 2007 teaching at Wikondiek Primary and Secondary School in rural Western Kenya. As this was not my first time in Africa, I was able to see to an even greater extent some of the difficulties with constructing a Western-based “meaning” out of the experience, and this led me to do some serious questioning and reflecting on the ways in which our interactions with Africa are based on an inherent unequal dynamic that affects how we from the West evaluate and benefit from our experiences there, sometimes – I would dare to say usually – at the expense of the communities we are claiming to assist.

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The Social Work in Nigeria Project
Uzo Anucha

The Social Work in Nigeria Project (SWIN) is an international collaboration between the University of Benin in Nigeria and three Canadian universities - York University, the University of Windsor and the University of British Columbia. The project is focused on strengthening the capacity of the University of Benin, Nigeria to train social workers, a project that can contribute to women empowerment and gender equality in Nigeria. It is funded through a $1M contribution agreement with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) through the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada (AUCC), and cash and in-kind contributions from all four partner universities, the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in Edo State, Nigeria, the Nigerian Association of Social Workers and a coalition of local NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) from Benin City in Nigeria.

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Partnerships and Strategies
Bethrand Tabugbo Nwufo

This paper seeks to situate the problem of internationalization and globalization within the contextual configuration of symbiotic relationships. But first and foremost, let me quickly mention that internationalization and globalization of education is an initiative that must be created so as to educate, involve and acquaint students as well as managers of education regarding various issues and challenges facing the global community.

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A Brazilian point of view
Emilio Silva

To examine the north/south academic dialogue from a Brazilian perspective, four different points must be taken into consideration: the significance of Brazil in the international academic and scientific world, the usual forms of international academic cooperation, some of the political aspects involved in north/south academic collaboration, and the ways in which academic institutions in the north should proceed in order to establish fruitful collaboration with their partners in Brazil.

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